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So I just read a blog post from Stronglifts author Mehdi about Strength goals. the blog post can be found here: What Are Your Strength Goals? Part 1 |

On my last training log I had setup some strength goals and actually achieved some of them. (I was able to do 3×5 Squat @ 260 lbs and 1×5 Deadlift @ 330 lbs). This time I will do the same and setup some small manageable goals that I want to achieve at a specific time frame.

12 week Strength Goal from May 9, 2011 to July 29, 2011:

Squats: 5 reps @ 270 lbs

Overhead Press: 5 reps @ 140 lbs

Bench Press: 5 reps @ 200 lbs

Bent-over Rows: 5 reps @ 200 lbs

Deadlift: 5 reps @ 320 lbs

One thing that I have learned since I started training a few months ago is that setting up a goal is a very useful tool. It helps motivate you as you get closer and closer to your goal. It is also VERY important that you setup REACHABLE goals and not some crazy number that is impossible for you to achieve at the time. Small goals are best and just increase those goals in small increments as you reach them!

Another important factor is that your goals needs to be measurable.

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