Week 7: 6/22/11

Today was a tough session because I stalled on ALL the lifts the previous session.
Also somehow I have this weird pain that seems to be located where my lungs should be! (or just the spot behind my shoulder blades?)
I can feel a dull pain at times when I move a certain way and sometimes when I breath a certain way and it all started the day before.
Think its just muscle pain because when I took 2 Motrin‘s it disappeared for an hour.
Unfortunately, someone was actually using the Power Cage that normally only I and very few other people use!
Had to watch them do a few sets of half squats and shrugs as I warmed up waiting for them to finish.
Was almost tempted to ask why they are doing half squats with less weight than my work set and they looked bigger and more built than me.
Spent an extra 30 minutes just warming up doing mobility drills and by the time I started my work set on the squats the Motrin was wearing off 😦
I guess I just use the pain to piss me off and use that as a focus to push harder and happily did not stall on any lifts!

On a side note I actually had a couple of props from other lifters around me as I was doing my squats!

(WU = Warmup Sets, WS = Work Sets)

Bar x (2×5)
70 x 5
115 x 3
160 x 2
205 x 1
250 x (5×5)

Overhead Press:
Bar x (2×5)
60 x 5
105 x (5×5)

155 x 5
200 x 3
245 x 2
290 x 5

BW x 5
+45 x (3×5)

Prone Bridge:


Workout Notes:


As per suggested by Predicate, this session I vid the front view instead of my normal side view.
Think I got my arm/hand/elbow placement better as I emulated what it stated in Starting Strength.
At 1st I was planning to deload already but decided against it and so HAPPY I didn’t deload!
The load actually did not feel as bad as the last 2 sessions and it actually didn’t feel as difficult to do today (despite the fact I was in pain at certain times).
Not sure if I am doing the knees out as I should but I think I did the lift good enough in general for today’s session.
Think there was 1 rep where I didn’t hit parallel because I took my breath the wrong way, accidentally swallowed a sweat bead and that weird pain occurred all at the same time!
If my camera actually captured sound during filming you would be able to hear my very loud screaming of “YES!” after I finished my 5×5 Squat!
Sounded like I just busted a nut lol !

Overhead Press:

Started feeling VERY worn out from the squats when doing this lift.
Weird pain was making me lose focus and the Hang Cleans I think are terrible today!
OHP as a whole was completed and felt easier than last session but I think it needs a lot of work still.


I was really feeling worn out by the time I had to do the DL work set.
Gave myself a couple of minutes to catch my breath.
I was trying to psyche myself out and actually had a good tune start playing on my music player as can be seen by my weird prep dance lol.
Decided to make my in-between rep setup as fast as possible and I think that is one of the reason I was able to do them all with ease!
Today’s DL actually felt easier compared to my last few sessions!

I think today my DL is a little better?
Think I need to work on locking my chest 1st then hips on the way up and reverse order on the way down.
Think I kinda got it on a couple of reps this time around but need to do it consistently on the whole set.

Weight felt light again somehow!
Maybe I was just excited because I am back doing a full plate!

Prone Bridge:
Energy is down by now.
2nd and 3rd set was grueling to do.