Week 8: 7/1/11

I was so excited to finally get to do 1.5x BW Squat 5×5 that I had difficulty sleeping before my workout! Probably had about 4-5 hours sleep at most. I was so tired when I finally woke up that it took me an hour to get myself together and go to the gym.
I don’t know if it’s the stims that I took, or lack of proper rest or my heavy lifting today. But post-workout I was feeling nauseous. I had to force myself to drink my PWO shake right after I finished lifting. Also had the same issue when I was trying to eat the whole meal I have when I got home.
I did start feeling better once I finally did take a shower after my dinner.

(WU = Warmup Sets, WS = Work Sets)

Bar x (2×5)
90 x 5
135 x 3
180 x 2
225 x 1
270 x (5×5)

Overhead Press:
Bar x (2×5)
65 x 5
110 x (5×5)

Power Clean: 95 x (3×3)
Rest are Deadlift:
175 x 5
220 x 3
265 x 2
310 x 5

BW x 5
+50 x (3×5)

Prone Bridge:


Workout Notes:


Finally did 1.5x BW Squat 5×5!
I almost did not think I will be able to do it at 1st due to my craptastic sleep and the poor performance I did last session.
Funny thing is that today’s session felt much easier than the last one which surprised me so much!
I did take a much longer rest time between sets and that may have helped a little.
This session did wore me out!

Another motivator was a couple of people was asking me questions about squatting due to the amount of weight I just squatted!
I just pointed them out to check out Stronglifts and try it themselves and that it works!

Overhead Press:

No Hand Cleans to setup this time.
Think I am doing ok in general but still need some improvement on form.
Just happy I was able to do 5×5!

Power Clean:

I forgot to film the 1st set so only the 2nd and 3rd set is on video.
Decided to add Power Clean as part of my DL Warm-ups.
Doing just 3×3 for now.
Form is horrible and really need work.
I think I was getting really fatigued from the squat session because I actually got dizzy between reps on the 1st 2 sets.
Hopefully I can figure this out sooner than later …


I am just surprised I am lifting this much easier than when I 1st did the same weight months ago!
Less wait in-between reps.
Still think I need some work to make it better.
But I think I am improving a bit …

Nice sets. Weight is feeling a bit heavy but then again I am so fatigued!

Prone Bridge:
I took to long to do the other lifts that I had to leave this assistance exercise out.
Had to get home and spend time with family, eat dinner and then get ready for work in a short time that I don’t have.