Week 9: 7/4/11

Celebrated the morning of Independence Day with good Stronglifts 5×5!
Some weird reason I still have tightness coming from my hip/groin area. Still unsure how I got it but I think I may need extra mobility exercises to get rid of them this week.
I was kinda iffy on today’s squat but was happy to set another PR! From this day forth, unless I stall, it will be constant PRs!
Also realizing more from today’s session that my back is stronger than my chest. That or I really need to work on my form on the bench press to be able to do the lift better.
Otherwise it was a GREAT workout session!

Also, I have been getting a few people asking what program I am doing lately!
I just tell them I am doing Stronglifts 5×5 and tell them to check it out themselves! (I was actually kinda hesitant to tell them because I don’t want more people using the ONLY Power Cage in the gym that not many people use often!)
Also I tell them about Starting Strength as it also has great info in it.

(WU = Warmup Sets, WS = Work Sets)

Bar x (2×5)
95 x 5
140 x 3
185 x 2
230 x 1
275 x (5×5)

Bench Press:
Bar x (2×5)
90 x 5
135 x 5 (Did 5 reps by accident, suppose to be 3 reps)
180 x (5/5/5/4/4)

Bent-over Rows:
180 x (5×5)

BW x 5
+70 x (3×5)

Reverse Crunch:

Dragon Flags:
1 x 4


Workout Notes:


Every session from this day on, unless I stall, will be a PR now!
The bar is definitely getting heavier and the rest times in between are getting longer ( no more than 5 minutes max).
Think my form for the most part is ok but still feeling iffy on my back angle and chest placement.
Think I need to keep my chest up even more and work on more hip drive to make my squat even better.

Bench Press:

So I was watching one of Wendler’s videos on YouTube and today I tried something I saw him do to plant his shoulders to the bench.
I like it and can see how it would work.
My personal problem though is that I keep losing my shoulder tightness mid-set at around reps 3-4! Also need to get better at planting my lower body.
I think if I can finally keep my whole body as tight as I can I would not have stalled on this lift.
Good thing about today’s session is that I finally had the bar drop on me which is a good experience to have.
Now I really know that next time I can push as hard as I can without worrying that the bar will drop on me and hurt myself!

Bent-Over Rows:

For the most part I think my form is good here.
Can’t believe I did not stall here but I stalled on the bench press at the same exact weight!
I just need to remind myself to reset after each rep and setup properly after each rep.
Setup -> Deep Breath -> Lift -> Drop the Bar -> Repeat!

Surprised myself on the dips again!
Thinking that I would have a difficult time but it actually felt easy … AGAIN!
Maybe I had second wind but I was actually laughing out loud to myself after each set!
It just felt good doing weighted dips now!

Reverse Crunch:
All 3 sets was done easily today.
Did not had any problems at all and made sure my form is correct on each rep.

Dragon Flags:
I had some extra energy left over so decided to try out some dragon flags.
Was only able to do a set of 4 of them and do they burn!
I may need to film myself next time so I can see how to perfect them!
Will try to add 1 rep each session if I can until I can replace 3×12 crunches with dragon flags!