Week 9: 7/8/11

Had a decent amount of sleep today, about 7 hours! Tough but good session today. Not totally happy with my squat form after trying a different elbow placement. Debating on switching early to 3×5 on squats due to the amount of time it takes me to do my workouts now. It’s now taking me around 2 1/2 hours to do my whole routine! That includes my Foam Rolling/Mobility Exercises pre-workout then the lifts then the assistance exercises!

On a side note:
I would like to thank Bjarni in the Stronglifts community for convincing me to go ahead and continue with progressive load and add + 5 lbs to my squat even though I stalled by 1 rep on the last session. It worked and I even did it on my bench press and managed to not stall on any lifts today! But it was tough as hell to do them all!

(WU = Warmup Sets, WS = Work Sets)

Bar x (2×5)
105 x 5
150 x 3
(Box Squats as Warm-ups, forgot to do them on last 2 warm-ups)
195 x 2
240 x 1
285 x (5×5)

Bench Press:
Bar x (2×5)
95 x 5
140 x 3
185 x (5×5)

Bent-over Rows:
140 x 5
185 x (5×5)

BW x 5
+75 x (3×5)

Reverse Crunch:

Dragon Flags:
1 x 2


Workout Notes:


Not happy with my squats this session.
There’s a few reps that I do NOT consider parallel squats. Maybe 1/2″ to 1″ just above parallel.
I was trying out some things in Dave Tate’s article called: Squatting from Head to Toe
Introducing the Box Squat
I tried to keep my elbows flared forward as per the article here:

“Next, pull your shoulder blades together as tight as possible while pulling your elbows forward. This is to keep the upper back locked in this position during the lift. If your elbows are flaring out, it’ll cause the barbell to travel forward at some point during the lift.”

Well doing it that way makes my elbow hit my thighs too soon and made me think I am already parallel.
Now that I think about it, I did this motion in my past session.
Well, I don’t like it and I need to do my elbow placement how I was doing it before.
Shoulders tight and elbows flared backwards. That just seem to work for me in the past couple sessions. I believe I would have had no problem getting parallel or a bit lower if my elbow placement was the way I normally put it in.

One thing though is that I am thoroughly enjoying doing box squats as part of my warm ups!
Oh, and I am starting to get an audience when I was squatting!
It’s either they think I am stupid for squatting the way I do or they can’t believe I am squatting this much!
I come to think that some of them are just in awe with the way I squat and how much I am squatting! I can’t hear what they are saying when I am lifting due to me blasting my music to get me motivated with my Bluetooth Headset! A few just stare and stare … like I have a dick growing on my forehead or something …
Most of the bodybuilders that squats at my gym tends to do Half or Quarter Squats, do not push their knees out or use the damn smith machine!
I keep getting props from some people and some of them even ask if I am trying out for the Olympics lol!

Bench Press:

Instead of staying the same weight when I stalled I added +5 lbs and the gamble worked!
Form was not perfect but I guess it will do for now.
The lift was tough as hell but I think I am getting a bit better on keeping my shoulders and entire body tight.
I think I kinda loosened up a bit trying to get that last rep on the 5th set …

Some guy using the Smith Machine next to me decided to move my camera setup on my 1st set even though I made sure it won’t get of his way while doing smith machine squats!
I just tried to be the better man and just moved my camera further away from the smith machine and not smash him with a plate!

Bent-Over Rows:

Well, this lift is starting to get real heavy now!
Think I am getting better at it though.
Do not think my lower back is rounding.

WOW this is getting heavy now as well!
Debating on just doing +2.5 lbs progressive load from now on instead of +5 lbs that I have been doing.
Only thing that motivated me to push real hard was the cute chick doing assisted pull-ups and dips on the machine next to me …

Reverse Crunch:
No problem on this one.
Just busted my 3 sets and be done with it.

Dragon Flags:
There was a stretching table that I tried to use last session and that was not good to do these on.
So I tried one of those Aerobic Steps and was only able to do 2 reps 
Next time I will need to try on a standard bench so I can get better support.
And it burns like hell but I like it!
Maybe I am becoming a masochist …