Week 10: 7/13/11

Last night I decided to take a sleeping pill again and was able to sleep around 6-7 solid hours! I could have slept longer but I only have time to lift early in the morning today so made myself get up when my alarm went off.
Did my normal routine after wake up (piss, brush teeth, eat proatmeal with strawberries and drink ~20 oz of cold water then last but not least … take a huge dump before I leave for the gym!)
Today was a much better session than the last but disappointed myself on the squats again.
Even though I was able to do 5×5 squats, after I reviewed my squat form video, I noticed I did not go parallel on most of them! (13/25 reps are parallel or lower 😦  ). So I will consider that a stall but I did do better in my other lifts today.
This is why I film myself on EVERY lift! Under the bar I thought I was doing everything right! Then I review the video and find what I am doing right and wrong and correct as needed!My left hip/groin/whatever is still kinda tight! Can’t wait until it relaxes itself and stop being annoying!

(WU = Warmup Sets, WS = Work Sets)

(Box Squats as Warm-ups)
Bar x (2×5)
65 x 5
110 x 5
155 x 3
200 x 2
245 x 1
290 x (5×5) * Consider a stall due to improper form
Bench Press:
Bar x (2×5)
100 x 5
145 x 3
190 x (5×5)
Bent-over Rows:
Power Clean: 120 x (3×3)
190 x (5×5)
BW x 5
+80 x (5/5/3)

Reverse Crunch:

Dragon Flags:


Workout Notes:


Still enjoying box squats as warm-ups as usual.
This should help me find that spot where I am parallel or lower. I think a few more sessions and I will have no trouble finding parallel when I squat!Even though I did 5×5 I will consider this a stall!
Stall due to most of my sets are not parallel except for the 5th set where the whole set are parallel.
Squats are supposed to be parallel or lower or it’s not a squat!
So that’s 2 stalls and if I stall again this Friday I it will be my 1st deload since restart!
Sad thing is I actually am looking forward to getting my 3rd deload sometime so I can drop from 5×5 to 3×5 and decrease my workout time at the gym!
Taking me about 2.5 hours to do my whole routine with warm-ups and foam roller/mobility exercises and assistance exercises!
Thinking maybe a few more weeks until I get to 3×5 … just milk what I can and get strong!Bench Press:

Think I am starting to understand proper setup even more now and how to keep my whole body tight.
I would not have been able to complete 5×5 BP today if didn’t use and tighten my entire body.
Still have a slight issue of my left hip tightening up but hopefully it will get better soon.
Also have to make sure I keep that Intra-abdominal pressure tight! I lost some tightness when I tried to catch a breath and that almost made me lose a rep!
Have to make a good breathing pattern while keeping my core tight!Power Cleans:

Think I was able to do a couple decent cleans.
Damn they are tiring!
Had one of the PT Staff yell at me afterwards for dropping the bar on the floor hard. Telling me their floor is going to break open if I keep doing that …Bent-Over Rows:

My camera died on the 2nd set so that sucks. Good thing my Smart Phone that I now use still has juice so I used that instead.
Think I had some back rounding issues in some reps. Decided to put on my belt on the last set. Think next session I will start using it from the 1st set on.
The weight itself felt real heavy the whole time from beginning to end.
Otherwise another PR done!Dips:
1st stall on the dips!
I should have followed my instinct and just added +2.5 lbs this session instead of +5 lbs!
Felt strong on the 1st set but I started feeling my arms give on the 2nd set and it died on the 3rd!
Will try again with the same weight next session.

Reverse Crunch:
Busted the 3 sets like butter!

Dragon Flags:
Found a nice spot to do them now by putting counter weights at the opposite end of the stretching table.
Think if I didn’t do crunches before I would have been able to do 3 sets of 12 dragon flags!
So I think today will be the last day for reverse crunch for me as it will be replaced now by dragon flags!
Will try to work myself for a goal of 3×12!