Week 10: 7/15/11


Tried ZMA for the 1st time to help me sleep. I guess it was ok.
Still was only able to sleep ~6 hours as that’s the allotted time I was able to get this day.
Still felt kinda tired and not too energetic today compared to my other lifting days.Stalled on all my lifts today which was kinda disappointing but am actually also kinda happy because I will now have to deload on some lifts.
Deloading will give me a little break from pushing myself so hard and work on improving my form.
Once I improve my form I should be able to lift even more! (That and whenever I figure out to get enough rest and nutrition)

I was told this day that I am obsessed with working out! I say I am just dedicated! Give myself an excuse to miss one workout will lead to two. Then that leads to a week then a month then a year! I have been there and that is how I got fat and out of shape to begin with anyways. So no more excuses for me.
Determination. Initiative. Dedication.
It’s a long road to reach my goal and I am not letting anyone stop me!

(WU = Warmup Sets, WS = Work Sets)


(Box Squats are done for warm-ups)
Bar x (2×5)
65 x 5
110 x 3
155 x 2
200 x 1
245 x 1
290 x (5/4/4/3/3)Overhead Press:
Bar x (2×5)
75 x 5
120 x (5/3/3/2/3)

Power Clean: 125 x (3×3)
(Rest of warm-ups are Deadlift)
195 x 3
240 x 2
285 x 1
330 x 5

BW x 5
+55 x (5/5/4)

Prone Bridge:


Workout Notes:


Well 3rd stall and I am actually happy to deload.
Damn I need a break from all this heavy squatting!
I learned much this restart and a deload will help me fix my form and implement somethings that I have learned.
I actually am looking forward to deload a 2nd time a few weeks from now so I can start doing 3×5!
Workouts have taken longer to do with my longer rest times.
I may decrease my rest times with this deload to fix that issue.
Also need to spend less time between reps and make my squats one fluid motion.
Controlled on the way down and fast on the way up!Overhead Press:

2nd stall but did better than the 1st try.
Maybe I will do better next time when my squat has been deloaded next week.
Also need to improve my form.

Power Clean:

Now that I reviewed it, I don’t think I am doing the cleans right this session.
Think I did them better last session.
Will keep the same weight next time to work on the form issue I had today.


My 3 warm-up sets looks better to me compared to last session.
Think on my work set, the first couple of reps was fine and it declined from there.
5th set my lower back is definitely rounded.
Think it will be best to consider this a 2nd stall and actually do an early deload to work on form.
I did feel my hamstrings and glutes activate more on this session and that was an experience!

Tough session and my 1st stall on pull-ups.
Almost made it too.
Going to keep the same weight next session and plan to progress only +2.5 lbs each session if I don’t stall again.

Prone Bridge:
Skipped this today as I ran out of time to workout and have to get ready to eat dinner then go to work.