Week 11: 7/18/11

The day before I think I slept wrong and ended up having a pinched nerve on my upper back. When I move my head and look left and right or up and down I could feel this weird pain/ache. Think I did it when I was either napping at the beach last Saturday or when I finally slept after being up for most of the 24 hours! Definitely decreased my range of motion of my head but was workable. Otherwise I actually had one of the longer sleep in a long time!
Started taking ZMA to help the quality of sleep I have been getting and I think it is working. When I do sleep I am out but I do feel a bit lethargic/groggy after I wake-up. After a few minutes though I get back to my normal self and feel fine.

I think today’s workout was great. Replaced reverse crunch with dragon flags and definitely more fun and challenging.

What really got me going was watching this guy that tried to teach me to squat a year ago. He used to watch me and give me this weird look like I am a moron the way I am squatting. (This was when I was doing good mornings on the way up real badly without me knowing it!) So I confronted him and asked what I was doing wrong. This interaction actually initiated me to start filming myself while I do ALL my lifts!
Well, a year later and I watched this same guy do some squats while I am doing my cleans and rows today and I was surprised with what I saw. Bar was racked way too high, he is using a 25 lbs plate to step up to the bar and unrack it. Then he used maybe 5 steps to get himself to position and place his heels on top of plates. When he did squat he must have went down 2-4″ max on weight that I use as a warm-up! Maybe he is doing a bodybuilding routine to isolate his quads but bar placement and unracking was just … you know. A year later and I feel better about myself!

I really need to work on controlling my grunting when I lift …

(WU = Warmup Sets, WS = Work Sets)

Bar x (2×5)
80 x 5
125 x 3
170 x 2
215 x 1
260 x (5×5)

Bench Press:
Bar x (2×5)
60 x 5
105 x 3
150 x 2
195 x (5/5/5/5/4)

Bent-over Rows:
Power Clean: 120 x (3×3)
195 x (5/4/4/4/3)

BW x 5
+80 x (3/2/0)

Dragon Flags:


Workout Notes:


1st deload this restart!
Actually happy with this deload so I can work on some technique issues that I realize I have been doing.
Stopped doing box squats as warm-ups for now as well.
Today I remembered why I do not like wearing pants or shorts that go below your knees when I squat! You can see on the 1st set that the shorts tug on my legs as I squat down. this really annoys me and why I need to get more shorts that are above knee cut. Maybe I need to go get some running shorts like what I used to wear in the Marines!
Otherwise I think my form is good. need to make sure I keep my knees out on the way down and on the way up.
Keep those elbows flared up and back and look forward and slightly down about 5-6′.
Also realized now that I work best with a wider stance compared to a narrower stance. It just works best for me this way.

Bench Press:

This is actually the heaviest I have bench pressed according to my logs! Would have been a great PR if I was able to get that last rep!
Think I lost it on that last rep due to me losing my tightness at around the 3rd rep. I was getting tired and tried to get a breath and did it wrong causing me to lose my tightness. Almost had it too but had to drop the bar. 

I did learn that I also work well with a wider stance for my leg placement after reading an article somewhere about it. (Think it was in Wendler’s 5/3/1).
Also made sure to have a narrower grip on the bar, just inside the knurl marks on the bar at my gym. (Just shoulder length apart I think).
This shall be my grip placement from now on instead of trying to find a sweet spot each session.

I think even though this bench session is technically a stall, I may gamble next session and add +5 lbs anyway considering I was so close to 5×5 this session.

Power Cleans:

Still doing cleans as a warm-up for BOR and DL.
Looks like I am pulling with my arms a bit still.
need to keep reviewing vids and books about it and keep on practicing to finally get it right consistently one day!

Bent-Over Rows:

Damn this bar felt heavy today.\
Guess its time to stall on this and fix any issues.
Form was not perfect but last sessions was better I think.

I do like the people doing quarter squats on the background …

Stall this session was worst than the last.
Think I will take this as a judgement call to do an early deload next session.
It felt real hard to do dips today!

Dragon Flags:
Today is when I remove reverse crunch from my routine and switch it with dragon flags.
The burn hurts so good!
Did not do as much as I thought I would be able to do but it’s something to work on.