Week 11: 7/22/11

My alarm somehow didn’t go off and I ended up sleeping for ~8 hours! One of the longer rest time I had in a while! This ZMA is really giving me some great sleep time!
Today I made sure to write some “Lifting Cues” on a couple sticky pads. Think it helped a bit.
Today I think someone complained about me filming my lifts and I just found out it’s against my gym’s policy to have any recording device! So now I am shopping around to find another gym that will let me use chalk, let me film my lifts and have a power rack! Kinda sad because for almost a year or so no one bothered me about it until today.

Otherwise I applied some techniques that I finally realized I should be doing and it seems to help for the most part.

(WU = Warmup Sets, WS = Work Sets)


WU:Bar x (2×5)
85 x 5
130 x 3
175 x 2
220 x 1
265 x (5×5)

Overhead Press:
Bar x (2×5)
60 x 5
105 x (5×5)

Power Cleans as Warm-Up:
PC Bar x (2×3)
PC 95 x (1×3)
PC 115 x (1×3)
Deadlifts as Warm-up:
155 x 5
200 x 3
245 x 2

290 x (1×5)

BW x 5
+57.5 x (3×5)

Prone Bridge:


Workout Notes:


I made sure that today’s session I kept my knees out both on the way down and up! Definitely better now that I realized I didn’t always keep my knees out on the way up.
Also making sure that I keep that lower back arch and tightness. While lifting today I realized that I accidentally loosened my back a couple of times and I definitely felt it. Fixed it right away. Have to keep that “Chest Up – hips Back – Lower back ARCHED!”
Think I only had 1-2 reps that did not completely hit parallel. Have to make sure to keep my elbows back and up. When my elbows starts falling forward it makes me hit my thighs too soon on the way down making me think I have already hit parallel.

Overhead Press:

1st set my grip and wrist position was off. but I fixed it on the consecutive sets and I think I finally got it.
I just need to keep my stance wide, grip just outside the shoulders, forearms vertical while keeping elbows forward. And most importantly I have to keep the bar sitting by the heel of my palm.

Power Clean:

I was only able to film the 95 lbs power clean due to a gym worker telling me it’s against policy to use any recording device. I guess someone complained or something because no one has ever bothered me for over a year since I been lifting here. I even had a bunch of other gym workers see me film and not be bothered.
I was suggested to watch a clean instructional video by Glenn Pendlay here: http://www.californiastrength.com/videos/viewcategory/14/clean
That helped me a bit. That “Knee’s Back” cue really was a good one.
I think I did better this time. Doing the Jump into the Rack position much better I think.


Turned off the flash of my camera and was able to sneak in one last video 😀
Think I did better on the deadlifts today too.
Made sure that I reset properly between reps. I even said a ditty out loud of the lifting cues when resetting.
Cue: “Chest Up – Hips Back – Weight on heels – Hips forward on the way up – RDL on the way down”

Think it was a good call to only add +2.5 lbs this session. Strong chins and no problem doing it.
Will add another +2.5 lbs next session.

Prone Bridge:
It didn’t feel that bad doing this today. Time flew by somehow.