Week 12: 7/27/11

So 1st time filming my lifts at the new gym. I am happy again 😀
Just need to find that perfect spot to get a good angle when I film myself.
Today’s session is great I think for the most part. 2nd day using the Rehband Knee Sleeves and I think it is helping a little on my lifts by keeping my knees warm.
At the end of the workout I think I somehow pulled a neck/trap muscle. Not sure which part of the lift I did it on but I got that annoying tightness when I turn my head.
Think this happened to me also last week. Maybe when I was doing my crappy power cleans or when I didn’t have my head at a complete neutral position on the deadlifts.
At least it doesn’t feel as bad this time around.

Note that I had a not so good sleep time pre-workout. Kept waking up every couple of hours thinking its time to lift. Maybe I was just excited to lift at the new gym …

(WU = Warmup Sets, WS = Work Sets)


WU:Bar x (2×5)
95 x 5
140 x 3
185 x 2
230 x 1
275 x (5×5)

Overhead Press: (False Grip Used)
Bar x (2×5)
65 x 5
110 x (5×5)

Power Cleans as Warm-Up:
PC 125 x (3/2/2)
Deadlifts as Warm-up:
165 x 5
210 x 3
255 x 2

300 x (1×5)

BW x 5
+55 x (3×5)

Prone Bridge:


Workout Notes:


This weight on the bar did not feel as heavy the 2nd time around!
Think I have to fix my stance a bit when I am on the start position to unrack the bar. I think need to be more underneath the bar then do a slight lift and then walk back a step.
Other than that I am happy with my form and think its good.
Quite sure all my reps hit parallel and kept my “Knees out” most of the time if not all of the time.

Overhead Press:

Today I tried to use the false grip again and I think it did help a bit.
I feel the bar more on the heel of my palm this session.
Started of slow catching my breath at the rack position. Then I guess I warmed up a bit after the 2nd set and started catching my breath on top of the press.
Surprised that the bar felt heavier than I expected it to be today but maybe I was getting a bit tired.

Power Clean:

Today’s session sucks in my opinion.
I think I was doing mostly pulling with my arms to rack it.
I started to feel light-headed after each set too! Damn this wears you out!
Think I will deload significantly next session so I can improve my form.


Angle I got my camera on was not so good.
Will need to work on that next session.
I was watching someone do deadlifts near me that was doing it with great form!
Talked to him about the reasoning on switching his mixed grip from left to right each rep.
I did not switch my mixed grip on the work set and the other guy actually watched my lift and he said I was doing the lift right.
I am kinda tempted to do what he did by switching mixed grip hand position each rep next session.
The bar itself felt so heavy and I can feel the tension on my glutes and hamstrings when I was pulling the bar up!
One thing I think I need to fix is to look closer to my feet to keep my head at a neutral position.


I decided to do the same weight I did last session and I think I judged wrong and should have increased the weight by +2.5 lbs.
Easily did the 3 sets of 5 and I think I could probably had done another set if I wanted to!
next session will be a definite +2.5 lbs increase.

Prone Bridge:

First 2 sets was not as bad but the 3rd set I started feeling the burn and struggling.
Wanted it to end quickly lol.