Week 12: Workout C (Day 55 of Transformation Challenge)

29 Jul

Week 12: 7/29/11

Today completes my 12th week of doing Stronglifts 5×5! After doing this I am debating on doing an early transition to 3×5 due to the length of time it takes me to complete my whole routine. Switching from 5×5 to 3×5, I may deload on some lifts early also as I start a new 12 month cycle with new deadline goals.Today’s workout was a tough one. Stalled on bench press and bent-over rows.
Think my squat was ok but finished my lifts with a slightly sore lower back.

(WU = Warmup Sets, WS = Work Sets)

Bar x (2×5)
100 x 5
145 x 3
190 x 2
235 x 1
280 x (5×5)

Bench Press:
Bar x (2×5)
65 x 5
110 x 3
155 x 2
200 x (5/4/3/3/3)

Bent-over Rows:
Power Cleans 95 x (3×3)
200 x (5/4/3/3/2)

BW x 5
+72.5 x (5/5/4)

Dragon Flags:


Workout Notes:


Still enjoying the knee sleeves since I got it earlier this week.
I think I did well on the squats this session but I noticed that my lower back is kinda sore afterwards. Not sure if I loosened up and have some form issues. Maybe I over-exaggerated my lower back extension/arch or maybe the bar is just getting heavy for me now?

Bench Press:

Somehow today’s session was tougher than the last.
Still working on leg drive and positioning.
I may do an early deload as I start a new 12 week session.

Power Cleans:

Think I am using my arms still.
Bar maybe a little too light.
Definitely needs much work to be done for this lift.

Bent-over Rows:

Stalled on this lift also.
Form is a bit off also.
Thinking of deloading early also when I switch to 3×5 next week.


Still unable to complete 3×5 on this. Maybe its because I use a different dip station and need to still get used to it.
I may deload on this as well so I can do this right and proper.

Dragon Flags:

I did more total this session.
This sure is more difficult to do but I still like them more than the reverse crunches.
Will just try to keep adding more each session.

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