When I 1st started lifting again back in 2008 I did not use a belt. This is when I started a basic program I found online then switched to Stronglifts 5×5,which I stumbled upon while trying to understand Starting Strength by Mark Rippletoe.

I was lifting for a few months then stopped for ~1.5 years and then hit it hard again back in 2010. I hit it hard with renewed fervor and was so against using a belt for my lifts for such a long time.

Watching the video above got me motivated to try and train raw, without a belt. My thinking was “If he can do it, I can do it … in time.”

I was thinking to myself, after reading some more articles and such, that I can build myself up and lift raw without a belt. But after a heated debate and suggestions from other people I decided to get a belt and see how it is.

So I went on a search for a good belt. Hell, if I am going to get one I may as well buy one of the best belts there is that will last me a long time. After sometime researching weightlifting belts I stumbled upon what most people have been suggesting and that is the Inzer belts.

A good review of the Inzer Forever Lever Belt that I read was by Fireproof from the Clutchfitness forum here: http://www.clutchfitness.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1140

Now that I have a company to buy it from that left me with deciding which type to get. There was a single prong, double prong, lever and even a power-ratchet belt! From what I read I was hearing that putting prong belts in the proper tightness can be a pain in the ass, so prong belts was out of the equation. The PR Belt was just too expensive for something I was just going to try and see if I like and decided against that also. So that left me with the Lever Belt.

I then purchased the Inzer Forever lever Belt that is 10mm instead of the 13mm. I hear the 13mm was much harder to break in and that the 10mm by itself should be good enough for what I will be doing for a long time. I even contacted Inzer and they helped me with getting the right size belt for me. The name implies that it should last you a lifetime and Inzer Rep did state that if ANYTHING happens to the belt I can just send it back to them to be repaired or replaced!

You can buy the Inzer Forever Lever Belt 10mm here: Inzer.com

Here are a few other pics of my Inzer Forever lever Belt after about ~9 months of use:
(I think I started using it around November 17, 2010.)

To adjust the belt you will need to unscrew it from the back of the belt as seen on the middle image. So you will need a flathead screwdriver or even a dime to adjust your belt as needed. So far I have not had the need to adjust the belt when doing my routine since I got it.

You can also see that my belt is covered with white stuff and that is the chalk that have accumulated on the belt. I use chalk for all the lifts I do: Squats, Deadlift, Overhead Press, Bent-over Rows, Power Cleans, Bench Press.

I don’t always use the belt throughout my workout. At this time I ONLY use it for my work sets. I have NEVER used it on my warm-up sets at this time.

What does that mean? Let’s say my squat work set is 250 lbs, I will use the belt for the 250 lb squat work set. The belt is NOT used when I do my warm-up sets which are typically like this: Empty Bar x (2×5), 70 x 5, 115 x 3, 160 x 2 , 205 x 1 then the work set(s).

Do I like using the belt so far? I actually do like using it. Some may say its a crutch but I think I have been able to progress better since I started using a weightlifting belt.

I also specially love the lever action of this belt. I just snap it close when I am about to do a set and, with a flick of my thumb, I can snap it open! It takes literally seconds to close and open the damn belt! I have heard others using prong belts take much longer time to close their belts at the right spot. Never owned a prong belt but a few others that I have met have all stated they prefer their lever belt compared to the prong belts.

So that is about it about my Inzer Forever Lever Belt. One of the gear I have been using since I started lifting again and a staple in my gym bag!