When I first discovered some issues with my squats and other lifts I was looking for a way to fix it. One of the things that  kept popping up was the use of a foam roller. I didn’t understand at first what using a foam roller can do to help on my lifts. I then read up more about it and found out about Self-Myofascial Release.

After reading more about SMR and Foam Rollers I then decided to buy one and try it out. I decided to get the Foam Roller Plus by Perform Better. It is basically a PVC pipe with some foam wrapped around it and a fabric bag to cover it all. I tried some of the other types of foam rollers at the PT department of my nursing facility and at the gym I used to go to. The ones without a PVC pipe in the middle would just flatten under my weight and I can see become useless after a few months of use. So those types are not for me and and my plan of owning it for a long time.

You can even make your own foam roller and there are tons of instructions on “How to make a foam roller” on the internet just by googling it.

This is what my foam roller looks like.

I started foam rolling pre-workout and whenever I can on my non-workout days. Foam rolling and doing dynamic stretches did help me with my workouts after sometime. Now I religiously foam roll and do dynamic stretches pre-workout and try to do them as many times as I can on non-workout days. At first it will hurt a bit until your body gets used to it. Just keep on doing it as often as you can and the benefits will show in time, and the pain will subside as well.

This is what it looks like from inside the bag.

After months of use the only issue I can find is that the bottom of the fabric bag can start fraying and will cause holes to appear. It is still useable but I can see that I will need to patch it up one of these days.

This is what it the bottom looks like after months of use. The white in the holes is the PVC pipe.

If you have no idea how to use a foam roller then there is a GREAT video on YouTube by Eric Cressey to show how to use it:

That is just about it. Get yourself a foam roller if you have not done so yet and start rolling!