I have worked out both fasted and with a pre-workout meal and what works best for me is eating something before I do my lifts. I tried different things to eat pre-workout from eggs, cereal, meat, rice cakes, etc. While reading stuff in online forums I stumbled upon something that has become my staple pre-workout meal for the past few months that seems to work for me. It is called Proatmeal. It is a good quick meal to make right after you wake up from your slumber!

What is “Proatmeal”?

That is it.
I like to add about 5-6 sliced strawberries on it for added flavor.
You can also use regular rolled oats but I like to use steel-cut oats as my pre-workout meal.
You can pretty much add ANYTHING to the mix as long as you have the oats and the protein powder in it!
Steel-cut Oats in a Thermos Mug
Whey Protein Powder
Sliced Strawberries


How to cook Steel Cut Oats?

Normally you can boil steel-cut oats but that takes about 30 minutes to fully cook. Considering right after I wake up I eat my Proatmeal then head to the gym this is what I do.

  • Get about 1 cup of water to  boil.
  • Place 1 serving steel-cut oats in a Thermos Mug.
  • Put 1 cup boiling water to 1 serving steel-cut oats inside the Thermos mug.
  • Let it sit overnight and it will be ready to eat the next morning.
Prepared Proatmeal with strawberries and my tall glass of cold water. First thing in the morning!
(Yeah my wife likes butterflies …. )

That is how you make a proatmeal! I tend to eat it around 30 minutes to an hour before I start my workout. Now that I am lifting a bit heavier I am thinking of adding some more food as my pre-workout meal, maybe 3 eggs scrambled …