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I used to take a premade post-workout supplement until it got too costly and found out I can make my own at a fraction of the cost. Learned about this post-workout shake at the Stronglifts website titled: Quick, Easy & Effective Post Workout Shakes.

I didn’t change much to it but I guess I may as well post what and how exactly I do it my way.

What do I use?

I use Quaker 1-minute Quick Oats
This is my fast acting carb for post-workout.
Natural Peanut Butter
Because it tastes so much better with PB
Blender Bottle with Oats and PB before ice cubes is placed in it.


How do I prepare it?

First I prep the Blender Bottle then I prep a small container that will hold my Protein Powder and Creatine.

  • Put Oats first with the water. (Make sure the wire ball that comes with the Blender Bottle is at the bottom if you have a Blender Bottle.)
  • Put the peanut butter on top of the mix.
  • Add the ice cubes on top then secure the bottle and place in your gym bag.

Your not suppose to let Creatine just sit in the solution too long so I tend to put that and the whey in a separate container.

  • Put Creatine in a separate small container.
  • Put Whey Protein Powder in the same container.
  • Secure then place in gym bag.
Whey Protein Powder and Creatine in a small container.


How do you use it?

Once you are done with your workout this is what you need to do.

  • Put Whey/Creatine mix in Blender Bottle.
  • Shake until everything is mixed well.
  • Enjoy.
The ice tends to melt by the time I am finished with my workout and that is why I don’t put as much water to start with.
Besides I rather have an ice-cold PWO shake than a warm one.
And that is just about it.
Simple yet effective.
I try to eat a whole meal ASAP after taking the PWO Shake also.
The next meal tends to be a high carb/high calorie meal also if I can help it.