Week 16: 8/24/11
Had to miss the last 2 workouts due to being out-of-town. Happy to get back under the bar!
Today was a good workout day and was even able to get some PRs!
The only thing I regret was not eating as well the day before.

I think my Pre-workout warm-ups that I have added are helping some. Noticed my starting position on the power cleans and deadlift to be slightly better compared to how they have been in the past.

Pre-Workout Warm-ups:

Standing Ab Pull Down:
 +80 x (10/10)

Glute-Ham Raise:​ BW x (5/5)

Seated Good Mornings: 105 x (8/8)

(WU = Warmup Sets, WS = Work Sets)


Bar x (2×5)
110 x 5
155 x 3
200 x 2
245 x (3×5)

Overhead Press:
Bar x (2×5)
80 x 5
125 x (3×5) * PR

Power Cleans WU:
125 x (3×3)
205 x 5
250 x 3
295 x 2
340 x (1×5) * PR

Accessory Exercises:


BW x 5
+65 x (3×5)

Prone Bridge:


Workout Notes:


Somewhat a challenging weight to start for the day.
Still having issues with keeping my elbows up behind me but at least it was not hitting my things at the hole.

Overhead Press:

Finally happy that I got my PR on OHP 3×5!
Almost lost it on the very last rep but got a decent recovery and pushed it.
This lift was VERY hard to do.
I think I will try a +5 lbs progress and if I stall real bad next session I will decrease the weight by 2.5 lbs.

Power Cleans:

Need to pick it up and not slow down as I reach my things for the 2nd pull.
Think the 3rd set was my best today.
Also need to make my jump and shrug more powerful to get that bar up on my shoulders as it gets heavier.


So happy got my another PR and its on the deadlift today!
I had to really psyche myself out on this one. Started pinching my ears for that extra OOMPH!!!
Think I did good and decided to push thru them fast and with as little pause between reps as possible which helped again!
Almost didn’t get that last rep but I just kept pulling that bar until lockout and was so happy to get it all over with!
Next stop, 350!


This felt a little hard today.
Watched myself do it and realized I was not going all the way down on my reps!
Going to consider this a stall and try again next session.

Prone Bridge:

Must have run out of juice by this time.
1st time I have not been able to do 3x60s in a long time!