Week 16: 8/26/11

Last workout on my 12 week Labrada Transformation Challenge Contest and think I did ok.
Also cycling off the stimulant that I have been using, White Flood, so I somehow do not feel so energetic this morning. Too bad I don’t like drinking coffee in the morning as that would have gave me a bit of energy when working out 1st thing in the AM.
Just another workout day.
Almost forgot. My damn left hip area is still bothering me. I mostly notice it after or while I workout. Think its a sprain or just a very tight area of my body.

One rant for today.
Some guy working out across from me decided to just grab a couple of 10 lb plates as I was starting my warm-up on the squats.
I then told him that I was planning on using those after I completed the warm-up set I was doing and just brushed me off.
So I grabbed some more weights to complete my warm-ups and the other guy decided to return the plates that I no longer need. Told him I got replacements and started giving me an attitude and trying to say I am starting shit.
All this idiot needed to do was just asked if he can use the plates on the rack I am using.
I wanted to just grab a damn plate and smack him on the head but I decided to just be the better man and continue with my squats.

Some people need to be more polite and stop acting like Juice-heads!

Pre-Workout Warmups:

Standing Ab Pull Down:
 +80 x (10/10)
Glute-Ham Raise:​ BW x (5/4)
Seated Good Mornings: 110 x (8/8)

(WU = Warmup Sets, WS = Work Sets)


Bar x (2×5)
70 x 5
115 x 5
160 x 3
205 x 2
250 x (3×5)

Bench Press:
Bar x (2×5)
110 x 5
155 x 3
200 x (5/5/4)

Bent-over Rows:
Power Cleans WU:
130 x (3/2/3)
190x (3×5)

Accessory Exercises:


BW x 5
+70 x (5/1/2)

Dragon FLags:


Workout Notes:


Think my form is ok. Only thing I really need to work on is still keeping my elbows flared back behind me.
Somehow the bar felt heavy for me. It’s weird considering I did a much heavier weight doing 5×5 a few weeks before yet this felt very challenging today!
Maybe it is the lack of stims, maybe it’s just me or maybe just a bad day.
We will see how I do next session.

Bench Press:

This bar felt VERY heavy for me today.
Think I would have been able to get that last rep if I didn’t lose my breath and stopped mid set.
Debating if I should consider it a stall or risk adding +5 lbs next session.

Power Cleans:

While editing the vids I somehow forgot to include the 1st rep on the 1st set.
This is feeling really challenging and heavy now!
First 2 sets I am having an issue of pausing before I do the 2nd pull which I think I was able to fix on the 3rd set.
Lost my momentum on the 3rd rep 2nd set and missed the clean.

Bent-over Rows:

Not happy with today’s session on the rows at all.
Bar felt real heavy and my lower back is rounding most of the time.
Think I am keeping my hips too high again.
Considering this a stall and use the same weight again next session to work on form.


I was so happy when I completed the 1st set.
but somehow I ran out of juice and just failed miserably on the 2nd and 3rd set.
I was sure I was doing Full ROM on all of my dips as I can see my self going below parallel on the mirror in front of me.
Going to try again 1 more time and if I fail I may do an early deload.

Dragon Flags:

Ran out of time and had to go to another appointment so missed this.
Considering reverting back to reverse crunch due to not able to do enough of the dragon flags that I think I need to be doing.