Week 18: Workout A

07 Sep

Week 18: 9/7/11

Missed 1 workout due to Monday being Labor Day and my gym closed early. Was kinda wary about today’s session due to my poor performance last time.
But today’s session is much better to my relief.
I did notice that I do not feel as strong as I did a couple of weeks ago while on vacation. I guess it’s due to being back at work and trying to get back to my old routine with not having as much sleep as I used to …. again.Also decided to make some small changes.
Reverted back to reverse crunch from dragon flags. Just do not see myself strong enough to do the right amount of reps I think I need to do.
Goal now for Chin/Pull-ups and Dips are 8-10 instead of 5 reps of 3 sets. Think I will benefit for more reps on these accessory work.
Also stopped doing Seated Good-mornings as part of my pre-workout warm-ups.

Today I also decided to try and wear my old Rippletoe shoes. They felt good for the squats.

Pre-Workout Warmups:

Standing Ab Pull Down:
 +80 x (8/8)
Glute-Ham Raise:​ BW x (6/5)


(WU = Warmup Sets, WS = Work Sets)


Bar x (2×5)
75 x 5
120 x 3
165 x 2
210 x 1
255 x (3×5)Bench Press:
Bar x (2×5)
110 x 5
155 x 3
200 x (4/3/3)

Bent-over Rows:
190 x (3×5)

Accessory Exercises:


BW x 5
+55 x (6/5/4)Reverse Crunch:


Workout Notes:


Did the squats well but noticed a decline in my overall strength compared to when I was lifting on vacation.


Bench Press:

Definitely shows a decline in my strength here. Not even able to do a set of 5.


Bent-over Rows:

Think my lower back is rounding again. Bar felt very heavy as well.
Debating on an early deload instead of trying a 3rd time.



Deloaded by -20% and surprised I am not even able to get 8 reps!
Keeping the same weight for next session.


Reverse Crunch:

Back to reverse crunch and was the only thing I did today that I did very well!
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