Week 19: 9/16/11

Made sure I ate and slept enough before my workout. Actually had about 8-9 hours sleep this time! Stopped counting my calories a few weeks ago but I think I ate decently.

Good workout overall and felt awesome thru most of the workout.

Finally broke through and got my 205 lbs bench press PR! Been so hard to break through that each time I go for it.

Pre-Workout Warmups:

Standing Ab Pull Down:
 +70 x (8/8)
Glute-Ham Raise:​ BW x (8/5)


(WU = Warmup Sets, WS = Work Sets)


Bar x (2×5)
85 x 5
130 x 3
175 x 2
220 x 1
265 x (3×5)

Think I did better for the most part this session.
Happy that I considered the last session a stall to work on form.
Still need some improvement but I’ll take this session for what it’s worth.
I am just happy to squat in the power rack instead of the squat rack!

Bench Press:
Bar x (2×5)
115 x 5
160 x 3
205 x (3×5) * PR

So happy to finally break thru 200 lbs on the bench press!
Hips felt fine as I kept my legs have a wide solid stance.
My left shoulder started acting up and almost got me worried that it will make me stall again.
Good thing I took the risk and added weight for this session despite missing the last rep last session!

Bent-over Rows:
170 x (3×5)

Deloaded to work on form.
Bar felt lighter today because of this but form is still far from perfect.

Accessory Exercises:


BW x 5
+45 x (8/8/5)

Better today compared to last session despite my left shoulder acting up.
Going to keep the same weight next session until I can do 3×8 at least.

Reverse Crunch:

First 2 sets was fine but had to take a breather on the 3rd set.