Body Pics:

6/7/10: Day 1 Restart PT I
Picture Picture 
5/9/11: Day 1 Restart PT II (After a 13 week break)
Picture Picture Picture
9/25/11: +20 Weeks (Last Day of Stronglifts 5×5
)Picture Picture Picture

Body Stats:

Stat 6/7/10 5/9/11 9/25/11
Height 5’8″
Weight (lbs) 185.4 172.5 182
Body Fat % 27.1% 20% 19.2%
Waist 38.5″ 35″ 36″
Thighs 23.8″ 23″ 24.25″
Calves 15″ 15.25″ 15″
Chest 40″ 38″ 38.75″
Forearms 10.5″ 11″ * 10.25″
Arms 14″ 14″ 14.5″
Shoulders 46.5″ 46.5″ 46.5″
Hips 36.5″ 34″ 35.5″
Neck 15.5″ 15″ 15.5″

* Think I measured the initial Forearm stat and it should probably be 10-10.5″ for Day 1.

Lifting Stats:

Lift 6/7/10 5/9/11 9/25/11 Personal Record Poundage Achieved
(PR – Day 1)
Squat 140 185 270 290 +150
Overhead Press 65 85 120 125 +60
Bench Press 110 135 210 210 +100
Bent-over Rows 110 135 175 200 +90
Deadlift 175 245 325 340 +165
Pull-ups BW +25 +45 +60 +60
Chin-ups BW +20 +45 +62.5 +62.5
Dips BW +10 +45 +80 +80
* Weights used above is doing at least x5 reps NOT 1RM.
** Weights are all in lbs.


Today is the end of an adventure and the beginning of a new one!Decided to change the format of my monthly progress review because I am finally concluding my training using Stronglifts 5×5 Beginner program and move on to start Mad Cow 5×5.
Included are the stats and pics when I restarted Stronglifts the 1st time around then when I came back after a 13 week break and the last day.
You can see a significant difference each time and I am VERY happy with the results.This past few weeks I have started to try to bulk to 200 lbs and why I probably have gained some inches and body fat in parts that I have shedded. No big deal as in the next few months I NEED to be on a calorie excess diet in order to bulk and try to get to 200 lbs while doing Mad Cow. I will also try to do GOMAD (Gallon of milk a day) for a few weeks to help with bulking.For the amount of time I have done Stronglifts I was hoping to achieve heavier weights. But then I got sick and had some other issues happen (Life happens) but the progress I have accumulated I find to be amazing!
I am sure if I have done some things differently I would have made a much better progress with the program.What I would have done different?
  • Eat massive amount of food! (I was in a carb cycling diet during most of the program and while it help cut the fat it slowed down my progress)
  • Foam Roll and Mobility Exercises Pre-workout! (I didn’t start doing these until a few weeks/months after starting the program. These are a MUST for me now and do them religiously Pre-workout and as often as I can on off-days!)
  • Film your lifts! (I didn’t start filming my lifts until after a few weeks/months since I started the program! Wish I did as it helped me with my form much faster than without.)
  • Sleep More! (I work crazy hours and also have a wife, son and 2 dogs. Life does not allow me to get as much sleep as I can but I try to when I can)
  • Build your home gym! (I do not have space in my apartment for one but life would be so much better if I have one.)
I think that is about it for now.
Really excited to try Mad Cow 5×5 and see what progress I can get from it.