Who doesn’t want to get stronger? You’re a liar if you say you don’t!
I know I do and that is why I have been obsessed with lifting and trying to break personal records lately! But it helps to know what you are doing and how to do it in order to achieve your goals.

So I have been visiting a Strength Training site called IronStrong.org, which I am also an active member under the username Kilim,  and stumbled upon a great post there. It was written by a forum member named FerrousMaverick and titled “Intro to Strength Training“. It gives a great explanation on the difference between “Strength Training” and “Body Building”, some basics of what Strength Training is all about and what program one should choose to get started the right way.

It’s one of the better posts that I have read about the topic and glad to have found it. Now I would like to share it to anyone passing by here.

IronStrong.org is a growing online community that is focused on Strength Training with helpful information and members that can help you get in the right path towards a stronger and better you!