Week 4 Day 3: 10/21/11

4th week of Mad Cow and I am happy that I chose to start this week as if I didn’t miss 5 sessions while I was sick and recovering.
Slept fairly well and I think I had some decent meals before my workout. Strange enough, today is supposed to be a heavy day yet I felt the most AWESOME on today’s session!
Everything just felt right and I felt great throughout the whole day!
Felt like I could have probably done 5-10 more lbs extra on each lift today!

There was a film crew for a movie happening at my gym but I just completely ignored it and monopolized the power cage.

Pre-workout Warm-ups:

Foam Rolling
Mobility Drills
Standing Ab Pulldown: +80 lbs x (8/8/8)
Glute-Ham Raise: BW x (8/8/5)


Warm-up Sets:
Bar x (2×5)
85 x 5

Work Sets:
132.5 x 5
166.25 x 5
198.75 x 5
232.5 x 5
271.25 x 3
198.75 x 5

Felt like an awesome session while I was doing this today.
But when I reviewed the video I noticed that the 1st 3 sets looked fine to me BUT the last 3 sets is not perfect.
Having an issue when my hips and chest are playing catch up with each other.
Need to fix this next session and make sure to keep my chest up and not drop it down as I get into the hole.

Bench Press:
Warm-up Sets:
Bar x (2×5)

Work Sets:
102.5 x 5
128.75 x 5
153.75 x 5
180 x 5
210 x 5
153.75 x 8

Felt great doing these also.
Top set I was a little shaky but managed to do it.
But as a whole I think i was doing fine.

Bent-over Row:
Warm-up Sets:

Work Sets:
87.5 x 5
110 x 5
131.25 x 5
153.75 x 6
178.75 x 3
131.25 x 8

Still feeling a bit light for me.
Think my form is a bit better at least.
Got a little overzealous on the 4th set and somehow did 6 reps instead of 5 by accident.

Assistance Exercises:

Weighted Dips:
Warm-up Sets: BW x 5
Work Sets: +50 x (5/5/5)

Felt easy enough. Somehow the 1st rep feels iffy but once I get that done I am on a roll!
Will add 5 lbs next session.

Barbell Curls: 
Warm-up Set: none
Work Sets: 65 x (8/8/8)

Wow my arms must suck. Don’t miss doing BB Curls.
Doable but it burns.
Will add 5 lbs next session.

Tricep Extension:
Warm-up Set: none
Work Sets: 45 x (8/8/8)

This feels better than the curls. Maybe its a tad light.
Will add 5 lbs next session.