Week 5 Day 2: 10/26/11

Decided to do today’s session despite just completing another session yesterday. Had to do it so I don’t miss a workout this week and do my day 3 session this Friday. Besides, today is supposed to be a “Light Day” so I was hoping not to hurt myself too much.
Surprisingly enough, I felt like everything was going smoothly for me today just like yesterday!
I blame it all to the Uber Powers of my green PT Shorts!

Had to cut the workout short though and skip my accessory exercises due to family obligations.

Pre-workout Warm-ups:

Foam Rolling
Mobility Drills
Standing Ab Pulldown: +80 lbs x (8/8/8)
Glute-Ham Raise: BW x (6/4/4)
Seated Good Mornings: 115 x (8/8)



Warm-up Sets:
Bar x (2×5)
90 x 5

Work Sets:
136.25 x 5
170 x 5
203.75 x 5
203.75 x 5

Light day squat is such a welcome break.
Think my form is much better today due to lower weight.
Chest is mostly staying up and not drooping down out of the hole.


Overhead Press:
Warm-up Sets:
Bar x (2×5)

Work Sets:
76.25 x 5
92.5 x 5
107.5 x 5
122.5 x 5

Decided to use a false grip today for some reason.
Felt so energetic while doing this lift and only lost energy on the last rep which I almost failed but caught.
Think I need to get myself some wrist wraps to keep my wrist tighter as it tends to bend a weird way.
No pain or issues while doing the OHP today but do not think its suppose to be bent like that.
While using the false grip I did feel solid pressing today.


Warm-up Sets:
160 x 5

Work Sets:
207.5 x 5
250 x 5
291.25 x 5
332.5 x 5

I still felt really amped while doing the deadlift.
Maybe I needed to slow things down a bit due to noticing my knees are a bit too forward at times and I have a slight back rounding on the heavier sets.
No pain or soreness afterwards and actually was happy doing the lift today.
Just need to make some minor fixes next session.


Assistance Exercises:

Weighted Chin-ups:

Incline Sit-ups:

Skipped both accessory work due to other obligations.