Week 10 Day 1: 11/28/11

Think I had about 6 hour sleep again. Felt really tired and groggy and due to expecting a heavy session of squats decided to take 1.5 servings of WF instead of just my regular 1 serving. I was so hopeful of making 3 PRs today too!
Bad idea! I was awake and focused but my energy level was not as high as it was last session. Too much stims just didn’t do well for me.
Had this happen before but I guess I should have learned my lesson. 1 scoop of WF is the magic serving for me, no more or I just don’t get that same magic effect!
If I stuck to 1 my usual serving of WF I probably would have a stellar session.

Also was running out of time so I decided to skip the weighted incline sit-ups.

Pre-workout Warm-ups:

Foam Rolling + Mobility Drills
Standing Ab Pulldown: +100 lbs x (8/8)
Glute-Ham Raise: BW x (8/8)
Seated Good Morning: 170 x (8/8)



Warm-up Sets:
Bar x (2×5)
110 x 5

Work Sets:
153.75 x 5
192.5 x 5
231.25 x 5
268.75 x 5
307.5 x 5

Squats was really difficult today compared to last session on Friday.
Had a few missed reps by just missing parallel by an inch or 2.
Form was not that great either and could have been better.
I think I am going to risk and consider this session a non-stall for progress reasons and if I do horrible on my Day 3 session this Friday I will repeat today’s session next Monday.
Hopefully it is just one of those bad sessions today.
If not, this will be my 1st stall on squats since I started Mad Cow.

Bench Press:

Warm-up Sets:
Bar x (2×5)

Work Sets:
116.25 x 5
145 x 5
173.75 x 5
202.5 x 5
231.25 x 3

Started out fine but somehow my mind gave up on me on the top set.
Also my left hip decided to cramp up and unlock making my entire lower body loosen up.
2nd stall on the bench press since I started Mad Cow and will repeat this session again.

Bent-over Rows:

Warm-up Sets:

Work Sets:
101.25 x 5
126.25 x 5
152.5 x 5
177.5 x 5
202.5 x 5 *PR*

The only good thing that occurred today is my PR on this lift!
I had to fight to get it too as the pain on my right bicep started to show itself on the top set during the pulling motion of the row.

Assistance Exercises:

Weighted Hyperextensions:
+45 x (8/5)

Weighted Incline Sit-ups: