Week 11 Day 2: 12/7/11

Just had about 5 hours sleep but managed to do a great workout anyways!
Decided to not do any of my pre-workout warm-ups and just stick to my foam rolling and mobility drills before my lifts.
Thinking I may be doing too much before my lifts.
Also I did not have much time to lift today also so I also skipped my accessory exercises.

Side note:
My wife got my a pair of soccer socks that I been trying to get this week so I don’t scrape my shins as much during deadlift days.
It actually feels good even though I look like a weirdo lol.
With my blue knee sleeves, I look like I have above the knee socks …

Pre-workout Warm-ups:

Foam Rolling
Mobility Drills
Standing Ab Pulldown: none
Glute-Ham Raise: none
Seated Good Mornings: none



Warm-up Sets:
Bar x (2×5)
110 x 5

Work Sets:
153.75 x 5
192.5 x 5
231.25 x 5
231.25 x 5

Light day squat makes me feel better about my bad session a couple days ago.
No issues today which made me feel happy.

Overhead Press:

Warm-up Sets:
Bar x (2×5)

Work Sets:
86.25 x 5
103.75 x 5
121.25 x 5
138.75 x 3 *PR*

Can I consider this both a PR and a fail?
PR considering this is the heaviest I have ever done and a fail because I was not able to get my 5 reps on the top set.
Good try and even thought I could struggle to get all teh reps.
Maybe next week …


Warm-up Sets:
Power Clean: 95 x 3
Power Clean: 115 x 3
Deadlift: 185 x 5

Work Sets:
230 x 5
276.25 x 5
321.25 x 5
367.5 x 5

Decided to do some power cleans as part of my warm-ups.
Read something from Wendler that cleans before squats or deadlifts can actually improve the lift.
Besides I am trying to see how much I can clean for the upcoming 5/3/1 session I will be doing soon.

Think I maybe over-exaggerating the lockout with the “Fuck the Bar” cue.
The lighter sets before the top set looked fine but can be improved more.
Think my lower back rounded a bit on the top set.
Almost gave up after the 4th rep on the top set but decided to grow a pair and pull!

Assistance Exercises:

Weighted Chin-ups:

Reverse Crunch: