Cycle 1/Week 1/Day 1: 1/2/12

1st day of 5/3/1 after a 2 week layoff is VERY humbling!
Had about 6-8 hours of sleep but I do not think I ate enough throughout yesterday.
Trying out a new gym closer to home also and hoping no one uses the power rack when I go there. So far so good!

I took a 2 week layoff due to hurting my left hip and lower back.
It was fine for a while but somehow my posterior left hip area started acting up again last night as if IT knew I was going to start a new workout program the next day!
I could barely bend in certain angles until I took 2 Motrin and placed a Bengay patch on my left hip.
By the time I finished my foam rolling and mobility drills the ache on my left hip was practically gone and did not really notice it during the workout. Possibly due to adrenaline.
I did notice an ache, not pain, once I got home and I just put some ice on it and feeling a bit better with the ice.
Here’s to hoping it is not anything major.

Pre-workout Warm-ups:

Foam Rolling
Mobility Drills

Main Lift:

Warm-up Sets:
Bar x (2×5)
55 x 5
65 x 5
80 x 3

Work Sets:
85 x 5
100 x 5
115 x 8 (1RM = 146)

Need to make sure I setup better lighting next workout lol.
I was aiming for 10 reps on the top set but unfortunately only managed to do 8 reps.
I was surprised that I had a harder time than expected considering I did heavier weights a couple of weeks ago.
Guess that injury and layoff got me a bit weaker.
Just need to get myself stronger ….
At least now I have something to compare and attempt to beat for the next session!

… and I thought I was starting TOO LIGHT!!!

Assistance Exercises:

Pull-ups: BW x 10
OHP: 60 x 10

Pull-ups: BW x 10
OHP: 60 x 10

Pull-ups: BW x 10
OHP: 55 x 10

Chin-ups: BW x 8
OHP: 55 x 8

Chin-ups: BW x 7
OHP: 50 x 8

Chin-ups: BW x 6

I started the assistance lift at 40% of my Training Max and now I wish I did it at 30-35%!
My arms felt like Jello after I finish the sets.
I guess I did a “Super Set” of the Pull/Chin-ups followed by the OHP.
Rest between sets are 1.5-2 minutes.
Was hoping to do 10 reps on each but I guess I was weaker than I thought!
Now I know what to expect and will start with lower weights for my assistance lifts for the other lifts!

3×10 = 4m 51.79s

I felt like vomiting after each set!
Body wanted to give up at the 3rd set 5th rep but made myself push harder.
I tried to get a breather just long enough to catch my breath between sets.
Want to build myself up to do 5×10 then 10×10 and attempt to beat my time each session.