Hill Sprints #1: 1/7/12

Had about 7-8 hours awesome sleep, been up for over 24 hours before I finally had time to sleep, and decided to do some Conditioning by trying out hill sprints.
(Drank a gatorade and then 1 serving Purple Wraath with 20oz water while I was stretching due to drinking some Jameson last night)

There’s a nice hill road near me so I just ran on the sidewalk and tortured myself.
Original plan was to at least try 10 uphill sprints but declined to 5 sprints after I realized how crap my endurance is at this time.
At least now I have a baseline to build up on!
Will eventually try to build myself up to do 10 sprints then 15 then 20.
Or at least beat my time.
The run kicked my ass and hopefully I will improve in time.

Sprint #1: 45.71s
Descent/Walk: 1m 22.7s

Sprint #2: 45.2s
Descent/Walk: 1m 58.47s

Sprint #3: 59.75s
Descent/Walk: 1m 58.03s

Sprint #4: 54.1s
Descent/Walk: 2m 22.92s

Sprint #5: 55.6s
Descent/Walk: 2m 14.84s

Distance one way is approximately 450′
(There is a sign at each end that I touch)
Total Time: 14m 17.35s
Total Distance: 0.9 miles

Below is an online link to today’s run: