5/3/1: Hill Sprints #2: 1/10/12

10 Jan

Hill Sprints #2: 1/10/12

Decided to take another run after work.
This time I took my 2 dogs with me and I think they managed to slow me down.
(The 1-year-old doxie wanted to sniff around and my 4-year-old sheltie did not feel like running!)
To be honest it’s not fully their fault, I am still out of shape and my endurance still sucks at this time.

Not also sure my exact full time time as I accidentally paused my timer after I reached the bottom of the hill on my 1st Sprint.
This made me miss my time for the 2nd Sprint up the hill!
Either way, my run today sucked compared to my 1st run last Saturday.

Sprint #1: 56.81s
Descent/Walk: 1m 26.79s

Sprint #2: accidentally paused timer
Descent/Walk: not taken properly

Sprint #3: 1m 21.53s
Descent/Walk: 1m 34.62s

Sprint #4: 1m 18.85s
Descent/Walk: 1m 37.53s

Sprint #5: 1m 24.17s
Descent/Walk: 1m 40.94s

Distance one way is approximately 450′
(There is a sign at each end that I touch)
Total Time: n/a
Total Distance:n/a

Below is an online link to today’s run:

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