Hill Sprints #3: 1/15/12

Awesome sleep of 6-8 hours!
Guess my body is trying to make up for the rest I missed this week.
Today’s run was a bit better and actually beat my 1st Hill Sprint run time!
1st 3 laps I beat my time but slowed down a bit by a couple of seconds on the last 2 laps.
(I compare the run times on their respective laps)
Didn’t feel like I was about to die afterwards like the 1st 2 times either.
Here is to hoping I can build myself to 10 laps by spring time!

Sprint #1: 45.19s (PR)
Descent/Walk: 1m 31.15s

Sprint #2: 43.77s (PR)
Descent/Walk: 1m 47.52s

Sprint #3: 58.83s (PR)
Descent/Walk: 2m 01.22s

Sprint #4: 1m 10.28s
Descent/Walk: 2m 01.8s

Sprint #5: 1m 12.55s
Descent/Walk: 1m 47.73s

Distance one way is approximately 450′
(There is a sign at each end that I touch)
Total Time: 14m 0.04s
Total Distance: 0.86 miles

Below is an online link to today’s run: