C1W4D2: 1/6/12

Decent 6-7 hours of sleep before today’s workout.
Felt just “OK” today and nothing special.
Learned some more things about myself on how I could improve my lifts even though it is not a stellar lifting day.

Pre-workout Warm-ups:

Foam Rolling
Dynamic/Static Stretches

Main Lift:

Bench Press:

Warm-up Sets:
Bar x (2×5)
90 x 5
110 x 5
130 x 3

Work Sets:
165 x 5
185 x 5
205 x 6 (1RM = 246)

I was rushing through my movements today and somehow I forgot to film my first set.
First set felt easy enough and the 2nd set felt decent.
Had to ask someone to spot me on the top set to be safe due to the power cage being used during today’s session.
Goal to beat last session was 6 reps but I was aiming for 7+.
Felt my form deteriorating on the 6th rep so I stopped it from there.
One of the things I focused on today was digging my heels through the floor, which I think helped.

Assistance Exercises:

Dips: BW x 5
BP: 130 x 10
Dips: BW x 5

Dips: BW x 5
BP: 120 x 10
Dips: BW x 4

Dips: BW x 5
BP: 110 x 10
Dips: BW x 3

Dips: BW x 5
BP: 100 x 10
Dips: BW x 3

Dips: BW x 5
BP: 90 x 10
Dips: BW x 2

Decided to increase the weight and this made the BBB BP more challenging.
Weights are 60%, 55%, 50%, 45%, 40% of my training max per set respectively.
Still supersetting them with 1st set of dips then BBB BP then 2nd set of dips then rest before I do the next superset.
Rest time are 2 minutes per superset.

The 2nd set of dips on the supersets really hurt after doing the 1st set of dips and then the BBB BP.
On the 2nd set my left hip had that familiar unlocking feeling.
This was fixed on the next set by just widening my stance.
I guess with my body I need a wider stance on most of my lifts to be comfortable.
Overall, my arms felt like jello after each set!

Kroc Rows:
Right Arm: 60 lbs x 20
Left Arm: 60 lbs x 20

Initially wanted to do 40 reps before I increase the weight but decided to up it anyways by 5lbs.
I could probably have pushed a couple more reps but just decided not too somehow.
While doing these with my right arm, I had that familiar right bicep area soreness occur halfway thru the set.
Hope it is not something worst than I think it is.