C1W4D3: 1/27/12

Another workout session after work.
Slept around 6 hours before work.
Think work wore me out a bit more than I thought and I was not able to perform 100% today.
I also was not able to eat my usual pre-workout meal of Proatmeal (1 serving steel-cut oats + 1 serving whey protein powder) + Strawberries and ate a sausage, egg and cheese on a roll instead.
I was hoping for a better session but today ended up to be just a decent session but not bad overall.
I did learn something else today while doing my BBB Squats, which is always good!
Always strive to learn something new each and every day!

Pre-workout Warm-ups:
Foam Rolling
Static/Dynamic Stretches

Main Lift:


Warm-up Sets:
Bar x (2×5)
115 x 5
140 x 5
170 x 3

Work Sets:
210 x 5
240 x 3
270 x 3 (1RM = 297)

Work sets felt decent from the start and it just became more challenging from there.
Really focused on my form and specially my elbow placement, which I think was ok but not perfect.
Somehow having indecision on my feet gripping the floor and I may start using my Vibram Komodo Sport again instead of my Rippetoe shoes to find a difference during squats.
I needed to get 4 reps on the top set to beat my last session with a goal of 5 reps today but I was only able to do 3 reps.
I felt that I could probably have pushed that 4th rep with a sacrifice on form but I didn’t want to risk it as the threat of hurting myself again was looming over my head still.
I really did not want to accidentally injure myself and layoff the weights again so decided to be safe than sorry and take the 3 reps.

Assistance Exercises:

BBB Squats: 170 x 10
GHR: BW x 7

BBB Squats: 155 x 10
GHR: BW x 5

BBB Squats: 140 x 10
GHR: BW x 6

BBB Squats: 130 x 10
GHR: BW x 6

BBB Squats: 115 x 10
GHR: BW x 7

Increased the weight to 60%, 55%, 50%, 45%, 40% of training max on each respective sets due to the last session of BBB Squats feeling too easy.
I like it now this way and I actually decided to wear my belt on the 1st set. (I also felt like I should have wore it on my 2nd set also.)
No belt was worn on the 2-5 sets and rest time between each superset of BBB Squats and GHR was 3 to 3.5 minutes each.
Weird realization while doing the BBB Squats is that I felt my glutes and hamstrings activated more than while I was doing the main lift squats.
Maybe I was able to pay attention to them more due to a lighter weight but more reps or I was too busy just trying to complete the set during the main lift squat.
I may also not be properly activating my glutes and hamstrings on the main lift squat.
I need to pay more attention to my body next time and review my film again in hope of figuring this out.