5/3/1: C1W5D1: Deload: Clean & Press + DL: 1/30/12

30 Jan

C1W5D1: Deload: 1/30/12

Had 8 hours of quality sleep then worked out after taking my dogs out and taking my son to school.
This week is the cycle’s deload week so I decided to cram the lifts in 2 days considering the weights will be light and save gas by having 1 less travel/workout day.
Overall a nice easy day and excited to implement the things I have learned this cycle to the next cycle coming next monday!

Pre-workout Warm-ups:

Foam Rolling
Static/Dynamic Stretches

Main Lifts:

Clean & Press:

Squat Warm-up Sets:
Bar x (2×5)

Clean & Press Warm-up Sets:
Bar x (2×5)
50 x 5

Work Sets:
55x 5
65 x 5
80 x 5

I decided to combine both the OHP and the power clean session to a clean & press due to the weight of todays’ deload session.
(Power clean today would have been a tad lighter but just used the weight for the OHP today for the clean & press.)
It was actually fun to do as I never did it this way before.
Still having transition issues from the 1st pull to the 2nd pull due to the weight being too light.
Think I would do better once the weight gets heavier.
Otherwise a fun session and a good warm-up for the deadlift which I was going to do next.


Warm-up Sets:

Work Sets:
135 x 5
165 x 5
200 x 5

No warm-ups for the deadlift due to the weight it was setup as and just considered the clean & press as my warm-up.
Easy enough a session on the deadlift but I think I may be over-exaggerating the lockout on top.
When I lock my hips forward and “fuck the bar” it looks like I maybe hyperextending my back.
I do feel a full lockout when I am doing the lift.

Assistance Exercises:

Pull-ups: BW x 5
Ab Wheel: 1 x 10
Pull-Ups: BW x 5

Pull-ups: BW x 5
Ab Wheel: 1 x 10
Pull-Ups: BW x 5

Pull-ups: BW x 5
Ab Wheel: 1 x 10
Pull-Ups: BW x 4

Chin-ups: BW x 5
Ab Wheel: 1 x 10
Chin-Ups: BW x 3

Chin-ups: BW x 5
Ab Wheel: 1 x 10
Chin-Ups: BW x 3

Decided to not do the BBB OHP and Deadlift today for the deload week.
(Will be doing the same this coming Friday’s session with the bench press and squat.)
Just did some assistance pull/chin-ups super set with the ab wheel.
I am really enjoying supersetting stuff even though it hurts like hell!
Why haven’t I done this sooner?!?!?

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