Program Changes:

After reading an article by Jim Wendler about the 3 month Boring But Big Challenge, it gave me an idea on how to continue my 5/3/1 program.
Article can be found here: http://www.t-nation….month_challenge

What I plan to do is run everything the same but switch the placement of the BBB Lifts.

On OHP Day I will do BBB Bench Press instead of BBB OHP superset with Chin/Pull-ups.
On PC/DL Day I will be doing BBB Squat instead of BBB Deadlifts with Ab Wheel.
On Bench Press Day I will be doing BBB OHP instead of BBB Bench press superset with Dips then a set of Kroc Rows on each arm.
On Squat Days I will be doing BBB Deadlift instead of BBB Squats with GHR or Hanging Leg Raise.

I think this will make the program more interesting and I will be able to do squats at least 1 more time for the work week.