C2W2D1: 2/13/12

Had around 6 hours of broken sleep before the workout.
Somehow I woke-up at least 3x during my sleep! Probably due to excitement of the workout in the morning.
I was at least feeling good when I arrived at the gym despite the broken sleep.
Good workout today despite the math mistake I did today.

Pre-workout Warm-ups:

Foam Rolling
Agile 8
Static/Dynamic Stretching

Main Lift:

Power Clean Warm-up Set:
85 x (3 x 3)

Squat Warm-up Sets:
45 x 10
120 x 5
190 x 5
220 x 3

Work Sets:
235 x 5
265 x 5
295 x 3 (1RM = 324)

Started the session with some light cleans to wake-up better.
I think while I was writing the numbers that I am supposed to do today, my son distracted me and I ended up writing the total amount to do instead of the weight to do per set minus the bar!
(On my notebook that I bring to the gym I just write the weight I need to add to the bar usually so I don’t have to calculate anything in my head while lifting)
The first 2 sets of squat warm-up had the right weight but the sets after that was actually 45 lbs heavier than what I am supposed to do today!
I was wondering why the bar felt heavier while doing the sets and thought maybe it was due to my broken sleep today despite feeling great when I arrived at the gym!
Goal was to do 8 reps at 250 lbs for the top set and was so disappointed when I was only able to do 3 reps!
(I probably could have pushed 2 more reps but I was still paranoid of hurting myself and the bar feeling heavier than expected made me decide on safety first!)
I was at least relieved when I rechecked my spreadsheet at home that I wrote the wrong numbers on my notebook and I actually did a good 1RM for today despite not getting the minimum 5 reps for the top set.
At least all my reps are parallel or lower!

Assistance Exercises:

BBB Deadlift:
(50% of Training Max)
170 x (5 x 10)

First set somehow felt slightly off.
Think it was due to me not gripping the bar tight enough.
On the 2-5 set I grabbed the bar like it owed me money and the rest of the sets felt too easy!
Funny how one little fix can make a huge difference!
Took around 3 minute break between each set.

Hanging Leg Raise:
1 x 10
1 x 10
1 x 5
1 x 5
1 x 5
1 x 4
1 x 3
1 x 3
1 x 3
1 x 2

I replaced the GHR with Hanging Leg Raise when I realized I need more core work.
Decided to do it separate from the BBB Deadlift and not superset it so I can have more energy to do them.
First 2 sets I did with 2 minutes break between sets.
The rest of the sets I only did 45-60 seconds rest between sets.
I just tried to do as much as I can and could have probably done at least 2 more sets of 2-3 but ran out of time at the gym for my next appointment.
I like it so far doing it this way and it REALLY burns!
Goal was to do 5 sets of 10 reps each but I was not strong enough so I just did as many sets and reps as possible.