C2W3D2: 2/22/12

Around 5 hours of broken sleep.
Felt OK when I got to the gym (7/10)
Good session and the weight felt just fine.
Decided to wear my Vibram KomoSport again and really like how they feel and grip the floor compared to using my Rippetoe Weightlifting shoes.
I may start wearing them exclusively during Squat and Deadlift days.

Pre-workout Warm-ups:

Foam Rolling
Agile 8
Static/Dynamic Stretching

Main Lift:

Power Clean Warm-up Set:
85 x 5

Squat Warm-up Sets:
45 x 10
120 x 5
145 x 5
175 x 3

Work Sets:
205 x 3
235 x 3
265 x 7 (1RM = 327)

Made sure I wrote the right numbers this time in my notebook!
The sets felt easy enough.
On the top set I needed a breather to complete my goal of 7 reps.
Happy that I was able to do it and increased my estimated 1RM this session.
Think I am getting better with my hand and elbow placement also.
Form looks decent enough.
Happy overall with this session.

Assistance Exercises:

BBB Deadlift:
(50% of Training Max)
170 x (5 x 10)

Rest between sets are 2 minutes.
Felt easy enough once I remembered to grab the bar like it owes me money starting on the 2nd set.
Still had to take a quick extra second once I reached the 7-8th rep for a quick breather.
Lower back was barking though but did not hurt.

Hanging Leg Raise:
1 x 10
1 x 10
1 x 9
1 x 6
1 x 5
1 x 5
1 x 5

Managed to do better this session on this.
Rest time was 2 minutes for the 1-4 sets and 1 minute each on the sets after that.
I could have probably done a few more sets but decided to just stop after doing 50 reps.
Hoping the DOMS won’t be as bad like last session.