I am no expert but I have been educating myself since I discovered Stronglifts, Starting Strength, Mad Cow, 5/3/1, etc.
Personally started with a split body building routine (which did not show much progress) then did SL for a couple years then Mad Cow Intermediate for 12 weeks and now on my 2nd Cycle of 5/3/1.

Every time I go to the gym I cannot help myself notice and watch others attempt to do barbell lifts next to me.
There are probably a handful (I can count on 1 hand) who are actually doing Full ROM proper form barbell lifts that surrounds me when I do my routine.
The best are some decently big guys lifting heavy weights and hurrahing each other yet do 4″ deep partial squats and other less than Half ROM Barbell lifts.

Recently I been seeing these monstrous behemoths teaching others how to do barbell lifts the wrong way.
I cannot help but watch them and shake my head each time I see them.
I could just see the future injuries that will occur to these “Students” while the “Teachers” are “Teaching” them horrendous form and hurrahing as they are emulated.
(I personally¬†have injured myself in the past due to improper rest/form/etc so at least had experienced “How to do things the wrong way” which is what I am now seeing around me.)

Sometimes I just want to say and show what they are doing wrong but I know it is not my place.
Sometimes I just want to grab these “Students” and show them how to properly do the basic barbell exercises so they do not hurt themselves … soon.

I practically self-thought myself how to do the basic barbell exercises and still learning something new every session, every day!
I personally would have taken someone showing me how to do the lifts properly a blessing considering it would sky rocket my lifts in the long run.
But I know it may come as rude or something else if done at random bystanders.

Anyone else have this issue occur to them?
I know I try to just focus on myself and blast my music when I lift and “TRY” to pretend that everyone else are invisible.
But sometimes I just cannot help watching others do the same mistakes I have done when I started lifting and wish that there was someone there to help me.

I just need to rant about this to others that may understand what the hell I am ranting about.

Truth is I REALLY could not help myself and I actually gave some of these “Student’s” a piece of paper with the words “Starting Strength” and me stating to them “If you want to learn how to lift properly, get that book!” and continued on with my routine.