5/3/1: +8 Weeks Progress Review

Body Pics:

Day 1: 1/1/2012
Picture Picture Picture

+8 Weeks: 2/26/12
Picture Picture Picture

Body Stats:

Stat: / 1/1/12 / 2/26/12 / Difference

Height: 5′ 8″
Weight (lbs): 183.00 / 183.60 / +0.60
Body Fat %: 21.50% / 20.0% / -1.50%
Waist: 36.00″ / 37.0″ / +1.00″
Thighs: 24.00″ / 24.50″ / +0.50″
Calves: 15.00″ / 15.00″ / 0
Chest: 39.00″ / 39.00″ / 0
Forearms: 10.00″ / 10.00″ / 0
Shoulders: 46.75″ / 47.00″ / +0.25″
Hips: 36.25″ / 36.00″ / -0.25″
Neck: 15.50″ / 15.50″ / 0


(Estimated 1RM in lbs)
Lift: Start / Current Max / Difference

Overhead Press: 146 / 152 / +6
Power Clean: 126 / 146 / +20
Deadlift: 342 / 378 / +40
Bench Press: 240 / 247 / +7
Squat: 280 / 327 / +47

Goal Achieved:
Power Clean 146 lbs Estimated 1RM.
New Goal of 157 lbs Estimated 1RM by April 8, 2012!


This month I have been very torn if I should try to bulk and get bigger or cut and get rid of some excess fat I accumulated.
I decided to restart a Calorie/Carb Cycling I learned from an article a read a long time ago by Kelly Baggett called “Build Muscle & Lose Fat Simultaneously?”.
I sorta followed the basics of it while doing Stronglifts some time ago and it worked for me.
This month I didn’t do it strictly and focused mainly on trying to get as much protein in my body as I can.
(Goal was minimum intake 1.25g/lb body weight, more if possible!)
Still need to work on cleaning my diet again and gained some in areas I wanted and also in some areas I didn’t want (damn spare tire!)
I REALLY wanted to get bigger and more muscular but I think I will be happier to get cut a little (summer is going to be here soon anyways) then do a clean bulk.
So going to try and have a cleaner Calorie/Carb Cycling diet the next couple of months.
Overall, I am actually surprised that I lost weight (this month) and made some changes in my body this month.

On the lifts I made some increases.
Upper body lifts was not so much but the lower body lifts gained a decent amount.
Increased the power clean to have the same weight as the overhead press so I lift the same weight on deload days and do a clean & press that day.
Learning some more about myself and how to fix some areas I need to improve on.

Conditioning has dropped this month.
I have been busier and rest declined so trying to do hill sprints was practically dropped this month unfortunately.
I just try to walk my dogs a little farther when I can each day.
Maybe I can schedule my days better and get more sleep and conditioning this next month.