C2W4D3: 3/3/12

Was busy the day before and end up awake for over 24 hours.
Finally slept for 6-8 hours and woke up around 2-3 times in-between.
Felt decent enough by the time I got to the gym (7/10).
Was really hoping to reach my 3rd goal this week but was unsuccessful.
There is always next time!


Pre-workout Warm-ups:

Foam Rolling
Agile 8
Static/Dynamic Stretching


Main Lift:

Power Clean Warm-up Set:
90 x 5

Squat Warm-up Sets:
120 x 5
145 x 5
175 x 3

Work Sets:
220 x 5
250 x 3
280 x 5 (1RM = 327)

Weights felt decently heavy today.
While doing the squats I thought I was not making parallel or barely missing it.
So happy when I reviewed the video that they are all at least parallel and some lower!
Goal was 6 reps to beat my last session and reach my short-term goal for 5/3/1.
Somehow ran out of gas and stopped at 5 reps on the top set.
Can easily see that my form deteriorated on the 5th rep also.


Assistance Exercises:

BBB Deadlift:
(50% of Training Max)
170 x (5 x 10)

Rest between sets are 2 minutes.
Easy enough sets and can’t wait to see how the next cycle will go!
Learned much this cycle with these assistance work!

Hanging Leg Raise:
1 x 10
1 x 10
1 x 5
1 x 5
1 x 5
1 x 5
1 x 5
1 x 5

Not as good as last session but good enough.
Not sure if I ever mentioned it but I tend to switch from Pull-up to Chin-up position alternately each set.