5/3/1: Skipping Cycle 2 Week 5

07 Mar

Suppose to do Cycle 2 Week 5 this week and that is the deload portion of my 3x/week for 5/3/1.
But due to some scheduling issues I will just not workout at all this week and “TRY” to relax! 😦

BUT I have a bunch of good news!
Prowler/Power Sled I got from Dick’s arrived and I put together yesterday!
It looks tough enough for personal use!
Will start a new post on my review about it after a few weeks of use!

Also will be cleaning then repainting 340 lbs of weights to use for the prowler this weekend!
So I should be able to use it at the start of Cycle 3 this Monday!
(I will start easy on it with some prowler programs I found: 3 Prowler Challenge at T-Nation and Prowler Challenge from EFS)

I will also be turning 36 this coming Tuesday and I have a 3 day weekend this weekend 🙂

AND … I passed one of the Police Officer test I took and just need to wait for the Physical part!
Just received the letter today!
I want to be able to out do ALL the younger people doing the Physical test when I do it in a month or so!
(Age limit is 35 years old for the Police Exam but I get to deduct upto 4 years from my age due to being in the Military!)

Can’t wait to start Cycle 3 this coming Monday and kick some serious ass!

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