Here’s a video of my Bday 1st time Prowler Run!

1st run with the prowler.
Prowler = 46 lbs
Weights = 2-45 lbs plates = 90 lbs
10 sets of 35 yards with 1 minute rest between sets.

GPS Watch/Heart Monitor Info: http://connect.garmi…ivity/157581662

It rained a little bit earlier in the morning so I slipped a few times.
Road is also not flat so I kept veering off lol.
Also did not realize I did not have the camera centered 😦

I tried to set it for 40 yards on my GPS watch but only managed 35 yards (0.02 miles).
Next time I will set it for 52 yards (0.03 miles).
(My GPS watch can only do miles)
On the 2nd and 10th lap I held the bottom most horizontal bar and it HURTS!
The top horizontal bar was not as bad and what I did the rest of the time on the way back.