Prowler #4 3/26/12:

Weight: 90 lbs
Distance: 40 yards/Lap
Laps: 10
Rest: 1.5 minutes
Terrain: Asphalt
Route Link: http://connect.garmi…ivity/161807299

Decided to instead of using my GPS watch to decide the distance I mark it by myself.
Got a measuring wheel and chalk and marked 40 yards to sprint/walk to.
The driveway I am using has a slight incline on the way back so decided to use the top horizontal bar downhill and the vertical bars uphill.
Not sure if it’s only 40 yards instead of 50 yards or the change in bar positioning BUT I was actually able to finish 10 laps today!
Not only that but I sprinted the whole time and felt I could have easily done it with an extra 90 lbs more stacked on the prowler!