IS BW Squat for Reps Challenge: 2nd Attempt – 4/8/12

Decided to do a few challenges instead of the usual scheduled deload week for 5/3/1.
60% of my training max and PR.
This shows how one can be strong enough to do something yet hits a wall due to mental weakness!
2nd attempt at AMRAP Squat in the curl rack and only managed to do 190 lbs x 15 😦
I know I can do at least 1-2 more reps but my mental strength and endurance gave up.
Need to man the fuck up and get sand out of my vag next attempt in a few weeks!

I LOVE this challenge and will continue to attempt as often as I can to build up my mental strength and endurance!

Conditioning: 4/8/12


Weight: 90 lbs
Distance: 40 yards/Lap
Laps: 4
Rest: 1 minute
Terrain: Asphalt

Weight: 180 lbs
Distance: 40 yards/Lap
Laps: 6
Rest: 1.5 minutes
Terrain: Asphalt

Total Time: 17m36s

Punished myself for being weak on my 2nd attempt of AMRAP Squats by pushing the prowler!