Conditioning: 4/19/12

Prowler Push:

Weight: 90 lbs
Distance: 40 yards/Lap
Laps: 4
Rest: 1 minute
Terrain: Asphalt

Weight: 180 lbs
Distance: 40 yards/Lap
Laps: 6
Rest: 1.5 minutes
Terrain: Asphalt

Positions: High Vertical Bar on Odd number laps, Top Horizontal Bar on Even number laps.
Total Time: 17m37s
Route: http://connect.garmi…ivity/169611932

Original plan was to do the easy prowler workout of just 90 lbs after work as punishment for myself for forgetting to stretch after yesterdays training session!
But I decided to man up and do the medium workout!
It sucked ass!