C4W1D3: 4/20/12

Six to seven hours of sleep before work.
Went to the gym after work feeling decent but not great again. (7/10)
This is probably due to the whole week I have been going to the gym with no caffeinated stimulants again.
I have been using some BCAA based supplements to help me with my lifts though.
Not too bad a session but wish it could be better.
First week of any cycle lately on 5/3/1 seems to be not to stellar.
Hopefully I progress better as the weeks go on as per the last cycles I have done.

Pre-workout Warm-ups:

Foam Rolling
Agile 8
Dynamic/Static Stretching

Main Lift:

Bench Press

Overhead Squat Warm-up Set:
45 x 10

Power Clean Warm-up Set:
115 x 5

Bench Press Warm-up Sets:
45 x 10
95 x 5
115 x 5
140 x 3

Work Sets:
150 x 5
175 x 5
200 x 5 (1RM = 233)

Like the other sessions, the first two sets felt easy enough.
Top set goal was 8 reps but had to stop on the 5th set.
Think I had at least 1-2 more reps in me but just stopped.

Assistance Exercises:

BBB OHP superset with Dips
(70% of Training Max)

BBB OHP: 105 x 7
Dips: +25 x 5

BBB OHP: 105 x 6
Dips: +25 x 5

BBB OHP: 105 x 5
Dips: +25 x 5

BBB OHP: 105 x 5
Dips: +25 x 5

BBB OHP: 105 x 4
Dips: +25 x 4

1 to 2 min break between each super set.
Used wrist wraps for all sets and decided to belt it on 2-5 sets.
This was tough to do and really messed with me mentally.

Kroc Rows
Left Arm: 110 x 16
Right Arm: 110 x 15

Wore wrist wraps on both sets so the damn dumbbell wont smack around my wrist while I am doing the reps.
Really had to mentally prep myself to get started.
Surprisingly, I was able to do more with my left arm even though I felt more solid doing it with my right arm.
Think I noticed a couple of people look at me weird after I finished my sets.
I know I was doing the sets with some body english, so maybe that is why, or because I just had to drop the dumbbell after I can’t do any more reps.