Conditioning: 5/29/12


Weight: 90 lbs
Distance: 40 yards/Lap
Laps: 4
Rest: 1 minute
Terrain: Asphalt

Weight: 180 lbs
Distance: 40 yards/Lap
Laps: 6
Rest: 1.5 minutes
Terrain: Asphalt

Total Time: 17m54s

Took a couple hours nap after a long day (up for around 20 hours).
Decided to start using my prowler again now that the weather is still decent (Been raining past few days).
This kicked my ass so bad and will need to start light again next time by just doing the Easy Prowler Workout (This is the Medium Prowler Workout)
The lot I am using is very uneven and has a bunch of cracks on it so I got stuck a few times trying to push the prowler.
Guess just have to build myself back up again.