C5W2D3: 6/1/12

Had a great 6-7 hours of sleep before work after taking 3 tabs of ZMA.
Gave myself another serving of White Flood on the way to the gym and felt good as I arrived (8/10)
Good session today and I think I am near my personal max on my lifts making the top reps difficult.
I added weighted hyperextensions to help with my posterior chain but I completely forgot to add my finisher of burpee/pull-ups that I learned from Nia Shank.
(Forgot to add it in my notebook).
Otherwise a good session overall!

Pre-workout Warm-ups:

Foam Rolling
Dynamic/Static Stretching

Main Lift:

Power Clean:

Overhead Squat Warm-up Set:
45 x 10

PC Warm-up Sets:
60 x 5
75 x 5
90 x 5

Work Sets:
105 x 3
120 x 3
135 x 5 (e1RM = 157)

I need to work more on my setup.
Also don’t think I am recruiting all the right muscles to make the whole lift as efficient as possible.


Warm-up Sets:
150 x 5
185 x 5
225 x 3

Work Sets:
260 x 3
300 x 3
335 x 3 (e1RM = 368)

Also think I need to setup better and do the whole lift with better form.
I am also at or near the max I have attempted on my lifts so can see why form is not like how it was in the past cycles.
Need to concentrate more on each rep!

Assistance Exercises:

BBB Squat:

45 x 10
160 x 10
145 x 10
135 x 10
125 x 10
115 x 10

Rest time are 2 minutes between each set, except for the warm-up set which I just went straight to the next set.
I was originally planning to do 50% of training max across the board.
But it felt real hard to do and didn’t think I will be able to do all the 10 reps if I did it like that so I pyramid down instead.
It still was hard to do but bearable and managed to do them all without a belt.
Good thing I dropped the ego and followed my gut to drop down on the weights.

Weighted Hyperextensions:

35 x 5
35 x 5
35 x 3

Decided to add this to help my posterior chain.
Think next time I will start with 25 lbs and build up from there so I can at least do 3 x 10 on this.

Ab Wheel Rollout:

5 x 10

Like usual, it just burns!



Forgot to do because I forgot to add it in my notebook šŸ˜¦