C5W4D2: 6/12/12

Solid sleep of around 8 hours but I still felt like I could sleep longer.
I was up for around 22 hours the day before!
Another serving of White Flood and 2 caps of BCAA’s on the way to the gym.
Arrived feeling not as good as the last session on Sunday. (6/10)
Left wrist is still not 100% also and could have demotivated me a little.
Decent but not a stellar session overall.

Pre-workout Warm-ups:

Foam Rolling
Dynamic Stretching

Main Lift:

Bench Press

Overhead Squat Warm-up Set:
45 x 5

Power Clean Warm-up Set:
115 x 3

BP Warm-up Sets:
45 x 10
95 x 5
120 x 5
145 x 3

Work Sets:
180 x 5
200 x 3
225 x 1 (e1RM = 225)

Think I maybe doing too many warm-ups.
Next time I will remove the overhead squat and power clean during press days.
I know I have done heavier sets before but not able to get what I wanted done today but at least I made the bare minimum.
I am close to my max and maybe I didn’t eat enough carbs pre-workout.
That and my left wrist is annoying me still.

Assistance Exercises:

BBB OHP superset with Dips
(50% of Training Max)

OHP: 45 x 10

BBB OHP: 75 x 10
Dips: +25 x 8

BBB OHP: 75 x 10
Dips: +25 x 5

BBB OHP: 75 x 8
Dips: +25 x 4

BBB OHP: 75 x 7
Dips: +25 x 4

BBB OHP: 75 x 6
Dips: +25 x 3

Rest time is only 1 minute each after the superset.
Reduced the weight on the dips also.
Think I got tired here and was not able to get all the reps I wanted.

Kroc Rows
Left Arm:
100 x 5
100 x 5
100 x 22

Right Arm:
100 x 5
100 x 5
100 x 27

Made someone count my reps on the right side and was able to manage more compared to the left side which I was counting the reps on my head alone.
Think next time I will ask for someone to count the reps for me so I can just focus on the rows.
Will probably add 5 lbs next session and build up from there.


3 x 5

Must have got my second wind as this went well.
30 second then 45 second rest between sets.