Conditioning: 6/20/12

Pack Walk:

Distance: 1.05 miles
Time: 20m 29s
Weight: +35 lbs
Route: http://connect.garmi…ivity/191016302

Krav Maga:
1 Hour

Pack Walk:

Distance: 1.07 miles
Time: 17m 37s
Weight: +35 lbs
Route: http://connect.garmi…ivity/191016309

Around 6-7 hours of good, scattered sleep before work yesterday.
Really HOT day today and decided to do some conditioning after my graveyard shift at work.
Not feeling as powerful as I did the other day so decided to see how much weight my backpack can handle.
Think I will need to buy an old ruck sack with good lumbar support in order to carry a 45 lb plate or so.
Carrying a 35 lb plate was a good start though in this scorching day!

Up for 18 hours by the time I started my Krav Maga class.
Had a decent time even though I was definitely not running at 100% but I gave it all I got.
Did not even want to attempt an AMRAP Pull/Chin-up session after class and just humped back home with my pack.

Decent conditioning I think overall and I definitely feel worn-out by the time I reached home!