Conditioning: 6/21/12

Prowler Drag/Push/Pull:

Weight: 90 lbs
Laps: 4
Distance: 40 Yards/Lap
Rest: 60 seconds
Terrain: Asphalt

Laps 1 & 3 are prowler pushes using the top horizontal bar.

Laps 2 & 4 are prowler arm pulls.
Weight: 160 lbs
Laps: 6
Distance: 40 Yards/Lap
Rest: 90 seconds
Terrain: Asphalt

Laps 5, 7 & 9 are prowler pushes using the top horizontal bar.

Laps 6, 8, & 10 are prowler pulls using the shoulder harness.
Total Time: 19m 51s
Route: http://connect.garmi…ivity/191256493

I had a few drinks last night even though I have not had any in a long time.
A few Jameson on the rocks to help forget stuff and cool off.
Almost decided to not do any conditioning today but I decided to not be a pussy today, despite it being extremely hot outside!

Did a slightly lighter prowler workout today using two 45 lb plates and two 35 lb plates this time.
Changed the way I used it and added the shoulder harness to today’s conditioning.
It’s a nice change but I still need to get myself at least a 50′ rope for more fun!