Conditioning: 7/25/12

Prowler Push:

Laps 1-4:
Weight: 90 lbs
Distance: 40 Yards/Lap
Rest: 60 seconds
Terrain: Asphalt

Laps 5-10:
Weight: 160 lbs
Distance: 40 Yards/Lap
Rest: 90 seconds
Terrain: Asphalt

Total Time: 15m 58.06s

I decided to use the prowler on familiar grounds considering I had a hard time the last session.
Used 2 45 lb plates on the 1st 4 laps then added 2 35 lb plates for the rest of it.
Build myself back up to 4 45 lb plates then add more from there … in time.

I was originally planning to take a nap before I push the prowler but sleep wouldn’t come so I just went out and get it over with.
Good session and not as bad as I was expecting it to be.
I think another handful of sessions and I should be able to add more weight to it.

This week is supposed to be the Deload week for Cycle 6 of 5/3/1.
Decided to just do some conditioning and rest before I start Cycle 7 this Saturday instead.